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We are committed to providing a complete, balanced financial solution and building sound financial security to enable our customers to live and share their dreams with the next generation no matter where they live.

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We have offices in London Hong and New York.

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We deal in all major currencies and trading platforms.

Financial Control Limited

In the world of banking, finance, and asset management companies, billions of dollars are exchanged each day. Financial products and derivatives are traded to participate in the fixed income, foreign exchange and equity markets in anticipation of huge profits, but equally likely, losses occur as well. And all eyes are on the US Federal Reserve to see whether they will increase or lower interest rates. Ever wondered how all this is linked together, or wanted to find out more how these products are used and priced, or wanted to identify and manage your risk better? Then read on and find out how we can help.

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We are driven to achieve world-class performance for our customers.
Chemicals & Materials

Chemicals & Materials

Innovation in Materials

We believe by investing in petrochemical technology and advanced materials, we can help provide innovative and sustainable solutions.

Financial Services

Financial Services

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We are committed to providing a balanced financial solution and building robust financial security to enable
for customers.



Building & Housing

We have investments in construction projects all over the world. Building a better future for eveyone.

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