1.  Quantitative analysis and research
  2.  System selection and implementation
  3. Back office operations – streamlining, systems implementation, designing and enforcing internal controls, financial reporting and analysis, etc.
  4. Advice on structuring and setting up hedge and investment funds, including tax, compensation, legal, and other issues
  5. Due diligence review of investment funds, managers, and advisors
  6. Asset allocation planning and implementation
  7. Executive search, staff recruiting and training
  8. Financial products and derivatives – pricing, terms and conditions, operational controls, trading, hedging, risk management, etc.
  9. Legal agreements – review of commercial terms and conditions of loans, fund and fund management agreements, listed and OTC derivatives, securities, prime brokerage and other account opening agreements, etc. [Please note that we cannot offer legal advice as we are not registered solicitors or lawyers; our advice will concentrate solely on commercial, not legal, terms of the agreements.]
  10. Risk management – measurement, monitoring, and management of market, credit, liquidity, and operational risk
  11. Trade research – ex-ante and ex-post strategy analysis
  1. Review of cash management and funding operations
  2. Review of hedging operations for efficiency and effectiveness
  3. Assistance with the implementation of a mark-to-market and value-at-risk system
  4. Review of treasury systems implementation and upgrades